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535342_1128039600563672_9023025272039018600_nWhile most people are striving to endure the winter weather, the youth of Hamilton Glades Free Will Baptist found another method of staying busy during the long nights and cold days. They decided to do something for someone else. In a beautiful demonstration of the example Jesus set for us as a servant leader, these young people decided to allow the Love of God to flow through them and into the life of someone else. What they discovered might surprise you. Here are some of the comments the a few of the young participants.


The youth visited the Minford Retirement Center. We did crafts with the older ones. They really enjoyed it. It was very inspirational seeing how thankful they were.

What I learned and got out of the Minford Nursing Home was that the old people really love us being there and talking to them. It is an honest blessing seeing their smile and hearing their stories. They never fail to make me smile and laugh.

The nursing home visit was extremely emotional and empowering. They tell you about their life struggles. They ask about your life, they give you hope by telling and showing that life is tough but, against all odds, you will make it. It’s just an experience that you walk away knowing things that cause emotions to flare and thoughts to form. It’s just a great experience.

The youth group went to the Minford Retirement Center yesterday and I thought it was awesome. That was the second time we went and it was inspiring. I met a woman the first time who utterly stole my heart. Jean Price is a doll, and she told me all about her and I definitely loved her as well. This last time I went she was talkative, but less so. I talked with a lady from England. She was pretty cool. The whole objective of these trips are to open the youth’s eyes to see older people and learn what they have to say and to bless them with the company they typically don’t have. It’s a blessing.


It is so excited to see the impact that Adopt-A-Grandparent has made on the young people at Hamilton Glades. The excitement from our young people has become infectious and is spreading throughout the church. Although the youth started this project as a ministry to serve others, as it so often does, the real blessings were received by those who were willing to give.

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Keith Mullins • February 9, 2016

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